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Vehicle Type: MOTORCYCLE
Model Year: 2010
Model: Ninja 250R
Displacement (cc): 249
Body Class: Motorcycle - Sport
Series: EX250JF/EX250JFA
Plant Country: THAILAND
Plant Company: Kawaski Motors Enterprise Co., LTD

Theft Claim


Theft Date: 2022-Jul-15
Make: Kawasaki
Model Year: 2010
Theft Location: Navarre, Florida
Police Dept: Santa Rosa SD
Title Location: Navarre, Florida
Plate Num: MNDE52
Description: white ninja
What happened: it was taken from my front yard

State Lookup - Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

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Vehicle Identification Number: JKAEXMJ13ADA53606
Vehicle Type: MOTORCYCLE
Year/Make: 2010 KAWASAKI
Title: 110210190
Title Status: ACTIVE
Previous Title State: ALABAMA
Title Issue Date: 2021-Jul-02
Title Print Date: 2021-Jul-02
BHP/CC: 0/249
Color: BLUE
Odometer Date: 2021-Jul-02
Odometer Reading/Status: 22,007 ACTUAL MILEAGE
Owner Information: 1 owner
Registration Expiration Date: 2022-Aug-20
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