VIN Information


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Vehicle Type: MOTORCYCLE
Model Year: 2016
Model: Ninja ZX-14R
Displacement (cc): 1441
Body Class: Motorcycle - Street
Series: ZX1400JF
Plant Country: JAPAN
Plant Company: Kawasaki Heavy Ind., LTD

Theft Claim


Theft Date: 2022-Jun-30
Make: Kawasaki
Model Year: 2016
Theft Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Police Dept: Scranton police department
Phone: (570) 348-4134
Report Num: 22225499
Title Location: Scranton
Plate Num: 9IF25
Description: Matte Black Zx14r with dual shorty exhaust, spiked screws on windscreen, gold sprockets, oem wheels with 90 degree valves (this would be over looked by the thief if parting out or reselling after changing noticeable features for around $900), spiked handle bar ends, Sargent seat (2up - driver and passenger combination).
What happened: I was at work Sunday 6/30/22 morning til 7am, came home and motorcycle was gone. Thief took the cover off and stole my motorcycle from in front of my house at 3:26am. PD has not followed up with any leads I have given, there are tons of cameras and I’ve been going store to store to gather footage, traffic light would’ve have caught the thief however I do not have access to that. Even a single photo of the bike is larger than 3mb and cannot resize
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