VIN Information


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Vehicle Type: MOTORCYCLE
Model Year: 2015
Model: GSX-R600L
Displacement (cc): 599
Body Class: Motorcycle - Sport
Plant Country: JAPAN

Theft Claim


Motorcycle Image
Motorcycle Image
Motorcycle Image
Theft Date: 2022-Jun-09
Make: Suzuki
Model Year: 2015
Theft Location: Halifax , Pennsylvania
Police Dept: Lykens psp
Phone: (717) 896-3168
Report Num: 22-0000012
Title Location: Halifax, Pennsylvania
Plate Num: 8LW45
Description: Blue color with neon green stickers, has a neon green decal on windscreen that says “burn rubber not the soul”. Small tear in passenger seat, has shorty handle bars that were cut off.
What happened: On June 9th around 3:11am someone pulled up to our house with what looks like a white ford ranger early 2000’s model and took my husbands bike. My neighbors have camera footage of the assailant then turning up his street and letting his accomplice get there car which looks like a white Subaru newer model and they then proceed to head toward town in Halifax. After that we have no footage of them.
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